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Jesus will return and establish the kingdom of GodFree Bible Seminar DVD

Exploring the Bible subject of the return of Jesus Christ
This DVD features a two part seminar that addresses the Bible
subject of the return of Jesus Christ and the establishment
of the promised kingdom of God.



Learn the basic message of the BibleFree Bible Study Book

Introducing Bible Basics is intended to assist you in studying and understanding
some of the basic teachings of the Bible. The book explores various interesting and
important Bible subjects and encourages you to read and study your Bible. You can
fill in the questions page and send it to us for feedback.




Free Bible Study Offers


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Exploring the Bible Radio Program

Listen to
Exploring the Bible
every Sunday
broadcast in Lismore NSW
River FM LismoreListen in live at the
following time.

7.00am to 8.00am
Australian Eastern Standard
Time (UTC + 10 hours)


Bible In The News
Exciting audio commentary
on current events and
Bible prophecy.