Reading and understanding the Bible can be a challenge for some readers, especially those who have never read it before. For this reason we offer the following booklets with the hope that they will assist your understanding of the Bible and encourage you to learn and believe it’s saving message.

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The real meaning to life
The real meaning to life

This booklet explores the Bible’s answer to why we exist. It looks at some of the social issues we face today that are in direct contrast with the advice and information provided in the Bible. The booklet encourages regular Bible reading and a list of steps we can take to bring real meaning to our life.

The secret of the book of Revelation explained
The secret of the book of Revelation explained

The book of Revelation is the last book in the Holy Bible and is, as it states in the beginning of chapter 1, a revelation of Jesus Christ to believers. This booklet shows how Revelation, although it can be difficult to understand, there is a way to correctly interpret its message.

Baptism is essential to salvation
Baptism is essential to salvation

This booklet explores the Bible’s process, meaning and necessity for a person to be truly baptised.
Jesus Christ told his disciples “he that believes and is baptised shall be saved but he that believes not shall be condemned”.


Exploring the Bible book of Daniel the prophet
Exploring the Bible book of Daniel the prophet

This booklet outlines the amazing way in which Daniel the prophet was given the inspiration by God to reveal the purpose that God has for this earth. Although written thousands of years ago the accuracy of Daniels writings is witnessed by in world events today

Exploring the Bible - Read The Bible For Pleasure
How To Read The Bible For Pleasure & Profit

The Bible is an amazing and unique book that presents a message which has stood the test of time. This booklet provides good reasons why it is beneficial to read the Bible and suggestions for making your reading worthwhile.

Exploring the Bible - Key to understand the Bible
The Key To Understanding The Bible

This booklet shows how the Bible Gospel is not a unique revelation of the New Testament but is a ‘golden thread’ that weaves its way through the whole Bible. The Gospel still has a message for us today and invites us to join the family of Jesus Christ.


Jesus Christ the King of the world
Jesus Christ the promised
king of the world.

This booklet outlines the Bible’s message of hope for the world, fulfilled when Jesus Christ appears to take his promised role of a just and perfect ruler over all the earth.

The truth about Lucifer
The truth about Lucifer and the devil.

This booklet explains one of the most misunderstood bible concepts. A careful reading and consideration of some bible passages shows the true source of wickedness and sin.

Bible prophecy explained
The Bible’s clear message of prophecy for today.

The bible contains many prophecies that have been accurately fulfilled and are a witness for us that those remaining unfulfilled prophecies will certainly come to pass.


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