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Explore the Bible with the help of these booklets

Christ the King

Jesus Christ was born to be king of the world and the Bible is clear that he will soon take control from the present governments and commence the establishment of the Kingdom of God.

Key to understanding the Bible

Explores the golden thread of the gospel message from the beginning to the end of the Bible,
offering all people an invitation to be in the kingdom of God. 

Jerusalem and the Holy Land

The rebirth of the nation of Israel in their ancient land is a definite fulfillment of many Bible prophecies and proof that the Kingdom of God is on its way.

World Destiny

The Old Testiment book of the prophet Daniel accurately predicted the rise and fall of great nations and this gives us confidence that his predictions for the future of our world will also be accurately fulfilled.

Real Meaning to Life

The Bible message of good news tells us that we were created for much greater things that living a few dozen years and then dying forever. The Bible offers eternal life with God and Jesus Christ.

The Truth About Lucifer

The common belief that an evil spirit creature who fights against God's purpose is not a correct understanding of the Bible devil.

World Peace

The elusive goal of world peace and happiness will never be achieved by human governments but will happen when Jesus Christ establishes the Kingdom of God
in all of the earth.

Reading the Bible

The Bible is an amazing collection of 66 different books written over a period of 1,500 years and all combined together to tell us the whole purpose of God and what can become our part in it.



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