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The Bible is the message from God for us today, written by his prophets under inspiration of his spirit. Jesus said “the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.” John 6:63. When the word of God is understood and believed, it is able to show us the love of God for us through Jesus Christ and to convince us that he has the power to work in us to change our thinking, our desires and our lives, and transform us into “children of God”.
It is a good thing to make a habit of regular daily reading of the Bible. This is the way to access the knowledge, wisdom and understanding to develop and maintain a true and fulfilling relationship with God and his son Jesus Christ, leading us on the journey to his everlasting kingdom.

Bible prophecy today

You can trust Bible prophecy.

Belief in the Bible is not just “blind faith”. The accuracy of fulfilled Bible prophecies proves  the truth of the Bible. This is becoming especially obvious as we are moving into the end times. One of the greatest modern witnesses to Bible accuracy is the rebirth and rise of the nation of Israel. There are also many places in the Bible which had predicted the uncertain and unstable state of society developing to the conditions we are experiencing today. 

Reading the Good News of the Bible

Reading the Good News in the Bible

the Bible message promises that God intends to bring the world into a state of beauty, of peace and in harmony with himself. It is strange how so many people have a yearning to live in the kind of world God promises but are not prepared to accept and believe his word. So it comes down to an individual choice, a personal desire to know what God has provided for us to understand about himself and his purpose. We can freely explore and discover this for ourselves.

Reading the Good News of the Bible

Good News of the power of God

What is the Good News of Jesus Christ? It is the Power Of God To Save! The greatest writer on the subject of the Gospel, the Apostle Paul, spoke of it like this: ‘The Gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes’ (Romans 1:16).
The beauty of the good news is it is not the power of me for salvation, but the power of God for salvation. Our salvation is a job that God and Jesus Christ take upon themselves. 

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