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Exploring The Bible

Discovering and sharing the immeasurable riches of knowledge of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ that can be found in the Bible


Welcome to Exploring the Bible.

We hope you will find the content interesting, helpful and informative.
The aim of this site is to encourage and help you to explore and understand the Bible.

Why should we read the Bible?
Here are just a few of the benefits we can get from reading the Bible
The Bible gives us the reason why we exist.
The Bible teaches us that God is our Father.
The Bible tells us the good news of God's purpose.
The Bible tells amazing details of God's kingdom.
The Bible gives an invitation for us to be in God's kingdom.
The Bible shows us the way to God's kingdom.
The Bible teaches us how to be happy and worthwhile people.
The Bible shows us the way to live a blessed contented life.  

The complexity, order and beauty of what we see created around us is convincing evidence of a powerful Creator. The Bible teaches us there is a Creator, who has with great wisdom, power and purpose, made us and all of the universe as we know it.

In various ways throughout history our Creator has communicated with people, and one of those methods in our days, is through what we know as the Bible. In the Bible our Creator is called God, and one of the ways he chooses to portray himself is as a father.


The kingdom of God

The Bible teaches that God is intimately engaged in the affairs upon the earth and positively involved in the daily lives of people who diligently seek to know him. His revealed purpose with creating the earth and people upon it is to eventually populate it with his children, who will be changed from corruption and death to in-corruption and immortality. The Bible describes that time as, “the kingdom of God” when “all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord”.

This is the wonderful outcome promised by the God of the Bible and our desire is to encourage and help you to develope a good understanding of God’s purpose and to take hold of the gracious invitation to His Kingdom.

Whats On?

If you are in the Lismore area you are invited to attend our Bible discussion and study groups. 

We Believe

The Bible is the source of information that is able to reveal the truth of God and His son Jesus Christ

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