You can trust Bible prophecy

You can trust Bible prophecy

Belief in the Bible is not just “blind faith”. The evidence for the truth of the Bible is provable by the reliability of it’s prophecy. The Old Testament book of Daniel (Written around 600BC) details the rise of four great world empires: Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. His amazing prophecies accurately foretold of great political events in the Middle East and Europe that would unfold over a period of 2,500 years. The accuracy of his prophecies give us complete confidence to believe his predictions of the appearing of Jesus Christ in the end times and the creation of kingdom of God on the earth.

Jewish history

All the major events of Jewish history are detailed in the Bible; in some cases, thousands of years before the events came to pass. The Roman destruction of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem in 70AD commenced the final scattering of Jewry throughout the whole world. Since then numerous Bible students who understood Bible prophecy confidently wrote of the coming rebirth of the nation in the land of Israel. The Jews themselves have counted at least 70 references in the Old Testament which clearly refer to the time when the Jews would return to their land. Now, just as Bible prophecy had predicted, this has become a fact of history.

The return of Jesus Christ will happen

The Bible makes it clear that this rebirth of the nation of Israel is a signal to all the world that Jesus Christ will return to prevent the earth from being destroyed by humanity. There are also many references in the New Testament that foretell of the return of Jesus Christ to the earth. He will come to judge the world, and with the assistance of his true followers, he will subdue and abolish all the existing political and religious powers. Bible prophecies predict how the world will experience massive earthquake activity that will set the scene for the construction of a beautiful temple in the land of Israel which will become the religious and political centre of the Kingdom of God on the earth.

Invitation to the Kingdom of God

God promises a place in his kingdom to people who he invites through belief in the Bible gospel. These happy people will become his children, immortal and perfect like him forever.

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