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What the Bible Can Do For You

Here are just a few of the benefits we can get from reading the Bible
The Bible gives us the reason why we exist.
The Bible teaches us that God is our Father.
The Bible tells us the good news of God's purpose.
The Bible tells amazing details of God's kingdom.
The Bible gives an invitation for us to be in God's kingdom.
The Bible shows us the way to God's kingdom.
The Bible teaches us how to be happy and worthwhile people.
The Bible shows us the way to live a blessed contented life.
And so much more information that God desires we know.

The complexity, order and beauty of what we see created around us is convincing evidence of a powerful Creator. The Bible teaches us there is a Creator, who has with great wisdom, power and purpose, made the  universe as we know it, and the world with us on it.
In various ways throughout history our Creator has communicated with people, and one of those methods in our days, is through what we know as the Bible. In the Bible our Creator is called God, and one of the ways he chooses to portray himself is as a father. The Bible teaches us how we become his 'adopted' children and receive the gifts of grace and eternal life that he promises to people who love him and his word.

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