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 Exploring and discovering the riches of wisdom found in the Bible and sharing the good news of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ

"where there is no faith it is impossible truly to please Him; for coming to God requires that we must believe He exists and He becomes a rewarder of those who earnestly try to find Him". Hebrews 11:6 


The Bible is the source of all the knowledge we need to learn the truth of God, His son Jesus Christ and the purpose He has for the creation we are part of.

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Reading the Bible for answers.

What an amazing experience it is to be alive. Sometimes we may explore in our minds the wonder of life and ask ourselves how do I find out what this is about. Is there a reason or purpose for our life? The same God who made all things has also supervised the preservation of ancient inspired letters written by His servants, combined together for us today in the Bible. Just as the sun gives us light to see our way on earth the Bible lights up our way to find the knowledge of God and His purpose. If we are presented with the opportunity and have the desire to learn who our maker is, why we are born and what is our future, the Bible has the answers. If we wonder why we eventually die, and what hope we have of ever escaping the inevitable end, the Bible has the answers. 

We are blessed with free will, the opportunity to make choices. However, all of us have probably experienced the reality of choosing a direction in our lives only to find, with time, our plans have been disrupted by unexpected circumstances. We often make plans for things we intend to do but we don't really know if our plans will happen because we cannot foresee the future and we are not in control of it. This is a good reason why we should use some of the time we have now, while we have it, to search for answers to what the future holds for us. Bible prophecies have the answers.

It's true, life doesn't always provide good times and many things are out of our control. Some of us have trouble navigation through the complexities of life and wonder, is it actually possible to have a happy and contented life, and if so how do we achieve it? If you are seeking the answers to life's questions that you consider to be important, how can you find the truth? Or, does it really matter what we think or believe, and how can we find out anyway? The Bible has the answers, explore it for yourself and find the wisdom of God and the answers you need. 

The Bible teaches us what life is truly about and can provide meaning and satisfaction to our existence.

"The earth is Yahweh's and everything that fills it,
the world and everyone who lives on it." Psalm 24:1
Do you believe that heaven and earth exist because the God of heaven and earth created them? This is an amazing concept which some people have difficulty believing. But it may be as simple as accepting the possibility that all living things are the work of a creator, and then being open to learning.
The Bible explains how we, the people on earth, are the "work of God's hands". If God did make all these things it is reasonable to ask, why is there a heaven and earth? Why is there life on the earth, teeming with billions of living creatures? Why are we here? There is not one of us alive who had any thing to do with being born, but now we find ourselves alive we do have the opportunity to learn why we are here and take hold of the invitation offered by God in the Bible to be one of His children forever. This is the reason for our existence. The Bible gives us all the answers and information that is necessary for us to understand God's love for us and His purpose with the things he has created.


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